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How to become a security guard in Florida?

In order to become a security guard in Florida you just follow these easy 5 steps:

1. Make sure that you are 18 years old and that you have no criminal records. Its required by 493 Florida Statutes.

2. Register for a Security Guard License Course.  It will take you 40 hours to complete at the end of which you will have to pass a written exam with 75% passing grade out of 100 Question.

3. Then fill in State application that you will be given at your security guard  training,  put a photo and notarize it.

4. You can take your security guard application to the division of licensing, located at the downtown Miami, at the same day or you can just send it by mail. If you send it by mail then it might take you longer to receive you security guard licenses. By the way your security guard training center can take it there for you, usually they charge $35 for this.

5. Once you received your permanent license you can start working as a security guard in private security guard company, in-house corporate security department or for city of Miami. For more information on how to find immediate openings for security guard jobs Click here.